Why buy Genuine Air Kontrol 2 Products?

Air Kontrol has a history of manufacturing quality heating, air conditioning, ventilating, appliance, and air cleaner filters for over 40 years. Filters have been manufactured for NASA, nuclear power plants and submarines, hospitals, electronics manufacturing, and manufacturers of original equipment. Air Kontrol filters have been in use throughout the world.

It doesn't matter if you're an astronaut or a home owner, you can trust Air Kontrol 2 to deliver quality genuine Air Kontrol 2 products to suit your needs.

General Filter Questions

Why does my furnace have an air filter?

Air filters in your furnace/air conditioning system were originally designed to help keep the equipment clean.

But as we have sealed our houses from air infiltration so as to conserve on energy used, we have enveloped ourselves inside an environment that is continuously off-gassing gases and shedding airborne particles. Thus there is a need for better filtration to protect us from the air that we breathe.

Your air ducts can be a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, mold and mildew. Better filtration is required to help stop this contamination that can break off and circulate in your breathing environment.

Where does household and allergenic dust come from?

The average home contains over 40 pounds of dust. Each day our respiratory system has to remove over one heaping teaspoon of particulate from the air that we breathe.

Dust is a combination of several substances such as fabrics, cotton linters, feathers, stuffing material, bacteria, mold spores, fungus spores, pollen, food particles, human dander, pet dander, dust mites, hairs, bits of plants and insects. All of this and other compounds found inside and outside your home combine to form household dust.

It enters your home through cracks and crevices, open windows and doors, tracked in by humans, shed from clothes and from other household items. It will settle on your floors and furnishings. It will get back into your breathing environment by being kicked up from floor surfaces, escaping from your vacuum cleaner filter, or picked up and suspended by air currents. The particulate may be so small that it never settles but remains suspended in the air.

The better the filter, the better its ability to filter this contamination from the filtered air.

I am using a standard cardboard frame fiberglass filter. Are they effective?

No! These type filters are sometimes referred to in the industry as "non-filters." Yes, they will trap some airborne particulate, but not as much as genuine Air Kontrol filters.

The smallest visible particle to the naked eye is 14 micron in size. In comparison, a human hair is 30 micron in diameter. So what we are trying to filter from the air is very, very, very small.

If you lay a standard fiberglass filter over newsprint, you can read the headlines through it! So, if the material is so open that you can read through it, how much airborne particulate are you capturing? Very little!

In the beginning, these filters had more filter substrate than they do now. However, as pressure has been exercised to bring the cost and selling price down on these filters, less and less filtering material has been used. The end result is most manufacturers have a filter that you can read newsprint through.

Do more efficient filters require me to retrofit my system to make them work?

No! Genuine Air Kontrol filters for your furnace are one inch deep, and replacement filters will slide into your existing filter track.

The only Air Kontrol retail product that requires retrofit is the Dust Patroller®, which is a ducted cabinet type filter.

How do I know which size I need?

Your present filter should have the size printed on the filter frame. These sizes are normally indicated as nominal size, which means that the filter is undercut so it will slide into your furnace filter track.

Air Kontrol manufactures standard and non-standard sizes in many type filters. Air Kontrol even offers adjustable size filters that you can adjust down to whatever fractional size that you require. Remember, proper fit for a filter is very important.  This will help eliminate any air bypass that may escape unfiltered around the filter. Air will take the path of least restriction: If there is a gap for the air to go around the filter, it will try to take that course.

How often doe sit have to be cleaned or replaced?

Cleaning or replacing intervals depend upon your environmental conditions and the amount of filter material surface area. We suggest that you visually inspect your filter every 30 days to determine a maintenance cycle for your environment. If you experience higher people traffic inside your home or construction in or around your home, you may want to clean or replace your filter more frequently.

Excessive dust loading on the filter can cause equipment malfunction and wasted energy. It can also cause too much air resistance, which can force the filter to unload its particulate back into the air stream. This can cause damage to your equipment and extreme contamination to your air ducts.

What does "Bio-Kontrol®" MEAN?
Bio-Kontrol is an Air Kontrol family of filters that have an anti-microbial / anti-bacterial treatment applied to the filter surface. It inhibits the growth of germs, bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus that come in contact with the filter surface.

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Free Filters For Life!



Buy The SmartFilter And We Will Send You Free Standard Grade Replacement Filter Pads For The Rest Of Your Life!

How Does The SmartFilter Work?

The filter frame is permanent and all you do is replace the "working" part of the filter, the filter material.  A proper fitting filter is essential to filter your home's air.  The filter frame is patented and will slide and adjust to any fractional size needed.  Included with the filter frame are 2 outside support grids that can be trimmed down to size.  These support grids hold the filter material inside the filter frame so that the filter material is not "sucked" out of the frame when the unit is in operation.  The filter pads just trim-to-size to fit the permanent filter frame.

How Can You Send Me Free Filters For Life?

Your initial purchase of the SmartFilter comes with 4 replacement filters.  This is typically a years supply of replacement filters.  When you re-order pads, we will send you out 4 more replacement pads.  The replacement air filter pads compress so shipping space is less than a standard filter.  Pads compress and just insert them into a mailing envelope.  From time to time, we may insert promotional pieces from other companies which defers our cost of the filter pads.  We will only charge a minimum shipping and handling fee to defer this cost.

What Kind Of Filter Material Does It Use?
SmartFilter comes with a standard grade filter material (blue in color).  This is the type material that is used in standard type cardboard framed disposable filters.  

However, if you want a more efficient filter material (in above picture), you can re-order "High Efficiency" replacement pads that will give you the same efficiency as a pleated type filter.

How Do I Go About Requesting The Replacement Pads?
With each filter, you will be given a label to attach on or near your furnace/A.C. unit.  This label will give you the web address to access to reorder replacement pads.  Standard Grade pads are free of charge and there will be a minimum charge if you want to up-grade to the high efficiency pads.  Also, any telephoned orders will be accessed a minimum charge.

Does SmartFilter simply replace my existing 1" deep furnace filter?

Yes! Simply remove your existing 1" deep furnace filter and replace it with the 1" deep SmartFilter frame.    


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H.E.L.P.A.™ (Superior Rating) Patent Pending

The most efficient
furnace filter
available on the market!

What is so different about the H.E.L.P.A. filter?

H.E.L.P.A. uses the latest air filtration technology of utilizing mini-pleated filter material. More pleated filter material equals the ability to offer a filter with outstanding filtration efficiency levels and a filter with an extended life cycle. This filtration technology has been proven in such environments as hospitals, research facilities, electronics and pharmaceutical manufacturing where an extremely high degree of filtration is a necessary requirement.

H.E.L.P.A. also incorporates an exclusive pre-filter, which can be vacuumed clean so as to extend the filters life up to 2 full years of operation (under normal household conditions).

Just how efficient is the H.E.L.P.A. filter on airborne contamination?

Independent laboratory test shows that it is 99.97% efficient on 1.3 micron and larger particles.

Many homes have high efficiency air cleaner cabinets with filters installed into the ductwork. This expensive add-on is no longer needed to achieve these high efficiency filtration levels. H.E.L.P.A. can perform the same degree of filtration.

Will it improve my home's air quality?

Yes! It will greatly improve your indoor air quality over any other 1" deep furnace filters available on the market today. As with any air filter system, we recommend that you leave your system's fan in the "on" position to continually re-circulate the indoor air. This will allow the filter to continually wash the air of airborne allergens and dust. Since H.E.L.P.A. is so far superior to any other product, it will clean the air at least twice as good as any competitive product.

Is it more efficient than an electrostatic pleated or washable?
Yes! H.E.L.P.A. is 2 to 3 times more efficient than any other 1" deep filter on the market today!

Does H.E.L.P.A. simply replace my existing 1" deep furnace filter?

Yes! Simply remove your existing 1" deep furnace filter and replace it with the 1" deep H.E.L.P.A. filter. Expensive retrofit with filter cabinets in your ductwork is no longer required to help rid your breathing environment of micro dust particles.
How do I maintain H.E.L.P.A.?
Simply vacuum H.E.L.P.A.'s pre-filter every 30 to 90 days. Under normal household conditions, it's guaranteed to last 1 to 2 years with regular maintenance.

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Electrostatic Filters
(Premium Rating)
(Best Rating)
(Better Rating)

Will Air Kontrol Electrostatic Air Filters improve my living environment?

Yes! They are designed to help rid your living and breathing environment of airborne particles that can cause allergy attacks. They will also insure a more dust free living environment, and keep your furnace and air ducts cleaner than what ordinary standard filters provide.

Does the filter require any changes to my furnace system

No! Simply install the filter where your existing filter is located.

Does a washable electrostatic air filter require electricity?

No! It requires no electrical hookup or batteries.

Will it make a noise?

No! Unlike filters requiring electrical hookups that make popping and cracking noise.

How does an electrostatic filter work?

Certain materials carry more static charge than others. Most electrostatic air filters, like the AIR MEDIC, have two filter layers of polypropylene filter material. This polypropylene material carries an inherit static charge which is normally around 1,500 static volts. As air passes over the filter material, more static is created to enhance it's ability to remove airborne particles.

Some electrostatic filter types such as the POLLEN-EZE and the STATIC SHIELD utilize a polyester filter material which carries a lower voltage of 150 static volts.

Will an electrostatic filter improve my indoor air quality?

Yes! It will greatly improve your indoor air quality over standard fiberglass disposable filters. We feel that AIR KONTROL ELECTROSTATIC FILTERS are the best washable air filter solution to better indoor air quality.

Are Air Kontrol Electrostatic Filters considered a "green" product?

Yes! They are normally a one time purchase for your system. With proper care, they should last the life of your system (POLLEN-EZE and STATIC SHIELD require that washable filter material be replaced every 2 years).

It is more environmentally friendly, because each year, more than 150 million disposable type filters are discarded to our landfills.

What if I can't find the size I need?

Air Kontrol manufactures standard and non-standard size filters so you are insured a proper fit. Our most popular is the adjustable size unit (AIR MEDIC+ and POLLEN-EZE). They can be easily fabricated to fit 99% of any filter's face sizes 20"X25" and below, or 25"X30" and below, depending on unit purchased.  Or, we can custom make filters to your size for slightly more.

When fabricating the Air Medic+ Adjustable Size Filters, in which direction does the air flow go?

It doesn't matter which direction the air flow arrow is pointing when you first place the label on the filter frame. Initially, the filter is bi-directional so it won't matter which face side is installed. However, once the filter has been used and cleaned, replace the filter back into the unit in the same direction, so you won't unload any dust that may not have been cleaned from the filter.

How often does it have to be cleaned, and how do I clean the filter?

Cleaning intervals depend upon environmental conditions. We suggest that you clean your filter every 30 days. The filter will collect more dust if it is installed in a wall grill or if the unit is located in close proximity to the space you live in. Attic units usually will last 60 days before cleaning is required. We suggest you check your filter frequently at first to establish the best cleaning cycle for your needs.

Cleaning is easy! Simply remove the filter and wash it in a sink or with a garden hose. We suggest using AIR KONTROL AKX FILTER CLEANER for best results.

Is it a Bio-Kontrol Filter? 
Yes! It inhibits the growth of germs, bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus that come in contact with the filter surface.

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(Best Rating) Pleated Type Air Filter


Why should I use a pleated type filter?
Pleated type filters are more efficient than ordinary disposable type filters.  They also have a longer filter life.
Why are they more efficient?
Dust Kontroller uses a more dense filter material which enables it to strain smaller airborne contaminants out of the air.
Why is it pleated?
Since the material is more dense, more filter material needs to be put into the filter to keep the keep the material's resistance to air flow lower.  Therefore, more surface area of filter material is put into the filter frame.  This also extends the life of the actual filter.
How often do I replace the Dust Kontroller?
The filter life is recommended for 90 days.  However, depending on your living environment, it may need to be changed more or less frequent.  It is best to initially look at your filter periodically until you can establish a replacement cycle that best suits your living environment.
What if my size is not a standard size?
Then we suggest that you consider purchasing an adjustable size air filter.  Either a washable type filter or the "Free Filters For Life" Change-A-Pad filter with the higher efficiency filter material.

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(Best Rating) Dust & Odor Filter


Dual Stage Filter Removes Both Dust And Odors

How is it a dual stage filter?
Extractor comes with a 2 ply's of filter material.  The yellow material on the air intake side of the filter removes solid particulates from the air.  The black material on the discharge side is an activated carbon material that removes gases (odors) from the air.
What sizes does it come in?
Extractor is a trim to size filter.  The filter easy trims to any size 20" x 25" and below.
What is the filter's life?
Depending on your living environment, the filter could last up to 90 days.  The particulate removal  aspect of the filter will out last the odor removing capability of the filter.  Also, remember that the filter will remove appeasing odors as well as offensive odors.  Air fresheners will reduce the life of the activated carbon.

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Filter Adhesive Spray

How does Filter+ work?
Filter+ is a liquid that is applied to the filter and boost the filter's efficiency.  It contains an oil that increases the filter's ability to catch and hold dust particles on the filter's surface.  It is also scented with a wintergreen scent to add a fresh smell to your air.
What kind of filters do I use it on?
It can be used on all types of furnace filters, both washable and disposable types.  The oil used in Filter+ is a water soluble oil and breaks down when washed.

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