Air Kontrol 2 is the resurrection of Air Kontrol.  In 1958, a small, family-owned business called Air Kontrol began making heating and air conditioning air filters for both home and commercial use.  Air Kontrol 2 is carrying on that family tradition.

Air Kontrol 2 is on the leading edge of filtration technology.  A lot has happened in the air filtration business since the 1970's.  In the70's, residential and commercial structures became more and more energy efficient and air-tight. Indoor pollutants became trapped in our homes and offices, making us sick. Conditioning the air became a lot more complicated.  Air Kontrol 2 has addressed these problems and has a quality line of air filtration products to help answer IAQ problems.

 Genuine Air Kontrol 2 filter products have made our work places work better and our living rooms more livable.

Still a family owned business in which the customer is boss and not some group of stockholders, Air Kontrol 2 has well-organized distributor and rep networks that can provide service throughout the global market.   If you are a company involved in HVAC and would like to become an Air Kontrol 2 distributor, please email us.