How Does It Work?

Measure Existing

Trim One Of The Two Grids To Filter Size

Trim Filter Pads

Enclose Trimmed Grid Into Frame

Screw Self-Tapping Screws Into Pre-Drilled Holes

Tuck Filter Pad Into Frame

Trim Remaining Filter Grid Shorter Than 1st Grid - Bow & Insert Into Frame

WALLA!  You Have Made A Custom Size Filter In Less Than 3 Minutes!


What Filter Material Is Used?

Compress Pads - Standard Grade

Expanded Pads - High Efficiency Grade


SmartFilter utilizes patented SmartMedia, which fibers have memory!  Filter pads are vacuumed packed and fibers spring back to their original size when bag is opened.  Vacuumed packaged pads are available in larger 25 or 50 pack quantities in 1" and 2" thickness for commercial filter service.

The filter fibers also contain Polyb coating.  This exclusive patented coating adds a non-oily or dry tackifier to the material during the manufacturing process which increases the filter material's efficiency!                                                           

SmartMedia is available in standard grade efficiency or SmartMedia+ which has the same efficiency as that of a pleated type filter.       


How Do I Get Replacement Pads?

We simply mail them to you!  No more do you have to hassle with going to the store to buy a filter or find out that the store doesn't have your filter size!


What Are Other Advantages To SmartFilter?


In this day and age of biological terror, consumers are aware of "stuff" in the air.   Washable type filters never come clean when washed.  They promote the growth of micro-organisms on the filter material.  Even with washable type filters touting anti-microbial treatments, it sounds good but research labs have proven that they basically don't work that well.  SmartFilter is a NEW filter every time it is changed!

Also, you SAVE energy.  Both filter pads have a tremendously lower static pressure drop than pleated type or washable electrostatic types.


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